Broad range of solutions

I help clients to meet their sustainability goals with targeted communications

I have supported global player companies, top-rated public relations agencies, governmental institutions and not-for-profit organisations in 20+ countries. My expertise in environmental communications covers:

  • remote workshops: facilitation of setup, ensuring high engagement during web meetings, implementation of on-demand tools such as virtual whiteboards or interactive mobile-based live polls, making use of most suitable enterprise solution
  • stakeholder management: bringing key players involved in renewable energy projects together, i.e. by organising high-level political workshops, setting up expert advisory groups, managing networking meetings
  • infrastructure projects for renewable energies: onshore and offshore wind farms, bioenergy parks, solar fields
  • corporate social responsibility: consultation and development of CSR communications
  • energy policy: assisting governmental institutions with implementation of renewable energy policies, political stakeholder coordination and relationship management (on national, international and global level)
  • environmental education: development of communication programs
  • campaigning: development of awareness campaigns
  • complex information: making information accessible by creating environmental reports, designing research output or guiding clients on project documentation
  • communities: managing communities involved in energy projects
  • issues management:  issues monitoring, issues analyses and strategy options for renewable energy projects
  • information management: helping project teams accessing information, i.e. by developing knowledge bases for intranets

Environmental Communications Services

I offer business communication management services with focus on environmental projects.

Environmental Communications

Environmental Communications

Issues Management (IM)

  • Classical and digital IM
  • Issues monitoring incl. news media and online
  • Issues analyses incl. visualisations, issues matrix, issues diagrams, tonality, trend reports
  • Development of strategy options
  • Implementation and evaluation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • CSR strategy communications
  • CSR event communications
  • Internal and external stakeholder communications

  • Analysis, strategy development, implementation and evaluation of campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Media releases
  • Day-to-day media queries handling
  • Online and offline media kits
  • Radio PR
  • Press services like DVDs, CDs, print templates

Visual Design

Visual Design

Design Services

  • Design of static/animated/interactive digital visuals (i.e. newsletter, e-cards, digital invitations)
  • Annual Report design and layout
  • Flyer production
  • Brochure production
  • Corporate branding (logo development etc)
  • Development of branding guidelines (fonts, colour schemes etc)

Advanced skills in design and layout software
  • Adobe Photoshop and GIMP
  • Adobe Indesign and Scribus
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Freehand

Digital Management

Digital Management


  • Website Design
  • HTML, php, CSS
  • WordPress, Typo 3, Drupal
  • Database management
  • CMS training courses
  • Online evaluation reports with analyses and statistics
  • Search engine optimization

Production of reports and other key publications
  • Interactive reports, like CSR reports and annual reports
  • Newsletter design and implementation
  • Newsletter reports incl. bounce rates, click rates etc.

Social Media
  • Social Media Campaigns incl. blogs, vblogs, key community sites, seedings, reports etc.
  • Community building
  • Blog seeding strategies
  • Video blogs
  • Corporate blog implementation and training courses
  • Employee behavior guidelines for digital environments
  • Community content-based website building
  • Feed optimization

Online Issues Management
  • Issues Monitoring incl. blogs, community sites, websites, RSS feeds and daily reports
  • Issues identification, analysis, development of issue change strategy options, implementation of action programs and evaluation