Comisión Nacional de Energía

  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Client: Spanish National Energy Commission

The Comisión Nacional de la Energía (in short CNE) of Spain is the regulator of energy systems. Its objectives are to ensure effective competition in energy systems and the objectivity and transparency of its operations for the benefit of all individuals who operate these systems and consumers.

2011-2012 the Spanish regulator took on the Secretariat of the Renewable Fuels Regulators Club. CNE co-ordinated + financed the Secretariat, admin activities and the general administration for REFUREC. I collaborated with CNE, holding responsibility for the administration and implementation of the secretariat work.

In 2010, the Energy Commission hosted a meeting of European governmental institutions that are responsible for regulating biofuels. I worked together with CNE to organise the workshop. My responsibilities included organisational tasks prior to the event, working together with several countries on the workshop agenda, coordinating the communications with the delegates, identifying and inviting international expert speakers / stakeholders, and supporting the conduction + documentation of the workshop. I also held responsibility for the visual design of the event.

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