Malta Resources Authority

  • Country: Malta
  • Year: 2012
  • Client: Malta Resources Authority

The Malta Resources Authority is a public corporate body with regulatory responsibilities relating to water, energy and mineral resources in the Maltese Islands. It was set up by the Maltese Parliament through the Malta Resources Authority Act of 2000. The MRA has wide ranging responsibilities essentially involving regulation of water and energy utilities, industrial enterprises exploiting resources such as oil exploration, quarry operators and private abstractors of groundwater, retailers, operators and tradesmen in the regulated sectors.

In December 2012, the Malta Resources Authority and  I organised a high-level bioenergy workshop for governmental bodies in Valletta, Malta. I was working on organisational tasks prior to the event like working together with several countries on the workshop agenda, I designed and set up a micro-website with all relevant event details, coordinated the stakeholder communications with delegates + industry organisations + international expert speakers, and I was the first-contact point for any issues during the workshop. In addition, I was responsible for the visual design of this bioenergy workshop.

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