German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

The Federal Office of Agriculture and Food is the competent authority for the implementation of the sustainability criteria laid down in 2009/28/EC, for the management of data on the sustainability of liquid or gaseous biomass of the governmental web application Nabisy and the issuing of partial proofs of sustainability upon application by economic operators, for evaluating the implementation of sustainability criteria as laid down in the Renewable Energy Directive in Germany, and the drawing up of an annual progress report for the Federal Government, for the recognition and monitoring of certification bodies pursuant to the sustainability ordinances, and for the recognition and monitoring of certification systems pursuant to the sustainability ordinances.

The authority and I collaborated preparing a workshop for EU Member State organisations responsible for implementing renewable energy directives. My responsibilities included all administrative tasks regarding the event preparation, creating a workshop website, designing event print material such as flyers, brochures and venue branding elements, assisting with the conduction of the event, facilitating opportunities for networking between the MS organisations, photo-documenting the event, and handling all post-event tasks such as writing and circulating event summaries and providing all event documents to participants.

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