Agentschap NL and Dutch Emissions Authority

  • Country: the Netherlands
  • Year: 2013, 2012
  • Client: NEa (Dutch Emissions Authority) Agentschap NL (since February 2014 called Netherlands Enterprise Agency)

Environment is a key focus of Agentschap NL. This agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation is committed to implementing national policy on sustainability and innovation in the context of cooperation in international business.

NEa is the Dutch Emissions Authority, and its task is to issue CO2 and NOx emission rights and make sure that the market for trading emission rights is functioning properly. It also regulates the Dutch biofuels mandate.

2012-2013 the Netherlands took on the Secretariat of the Renewable Fuels Regulators Club. NEa co-ordinated the Secretariat, admin activities and the general administration for REFUREC were financed by Agentschap NL through the GAVE programme. I collaborated with both institutions, holding responsibility for the administration and implementation of the secretariat work.

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